Amazing Health Benefits About Curry Powder You Probably Don’t Know

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Amazing Health Benefits About Curry Powder You Probably Don’t Know

Curry powder is a mixture of spices used in dishes to provide flavour and a pleasant smell. Curry powder is made of mainly spices, mainly using turmeric, cumin and coriander, but the preparation also often contains chilli and fenugreek, and occasionally garlic and ginger. Curry powder produces both a flavour and curry similar to South Asia’s foods and it is often spicy in taste. Curry powder is mostly used in cooking curry sauces, but also dishes that require a distinct flavour, and the mixture can be homemade or generally available in supermarkets or Asian grocery stores. Curry powder is generally available yellow, orange, red, grey or brown in color, depending on the spice mix, and the powder particles are often very fine, but the powder may vary in size.
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Curry powder was said to first arrive in European society in 1771 and first appeared in an advertisement of a British newspaper back in 1784. Curry powder became popular during the 1800s and 1900s after the introduction of machines that can produce massly. Curry powder has gained skyrocketed popularity in the 1960s to 1970s due to the growing demand and supply of Indian cuisine. Curry powder is commonly used to cook curry sauces or in Asian cooking to give flavour and smell to the dishes. Here are some of amazing health benefits about curry powder that you probably might not know about: –


Curry powder is very nutritious

  • Curry powder is high in nutrients, such as fiber, vitamin E, vitamin K, iron and manganese, which are all good for human health.


Curry powder helps to aid digestion.

  • The combination of spices found in curry powder can provide you with potent antioxidants.
  • This mixture of spices can help enhance your digestive system and improve the health of your gut.
  • By including curry powder to your diet will promote efficient food digestion and will increase the number of good bacteria in your bowels.
  • By ensuring high levels of bacteria in your levels can help your body eliminate waste, and prevent germs from causing diarrhea and gas.


Curry powder can reduce inflammation.

  • Curry powder is a medicinal superfood, it is packed with healthy spices. Turmeric is a spice that gives curry its yellow characteristics. Studies show that turmeric’s active compound, curcumin blocks several inflammatory chemicals reducing inflammation throughout the body. Turmeric has been found to be very effective in relieving joint pains and treating inflammation.


Curry powder can increase your bone health.

  • Calcium, phosphorus and magnesium are all beneficial for maintaining bone muscle health and are crucial in slowing the degenerative process.
  • One tablespoon of curry powder contains about 30mg of calcium.


Curry powder can prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

  • According to a research conducted in December 2005, it suggests that curcumin is a good agent in the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • India has a low amount of Alzheimer’s disease recorded, which could be related to the high intake of curry, which contains curcumin.


In conclusion, curry powder does not only make some of our favorite curry dishes taste fantastic, but they also provide your body with many important nutrients to achieve good health. Curry powder supplies your body with some of nature’s most advantageous disease fighting minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.