About Us

Flourished since its establishment in 1989, we are the first Malaysia company to use “A1” as the logo for our line of products. Nevertheless, we face problem registering the trademark due to the myriad imitation products saturated in the market. While those products often bear no relation to our organisation, It is misleading and frequently confused our customers to get the right curry paste from us.

Our product was named as Action One to emphasise on the superior quality as well as for our product differentiation. “ACTION ONE “, with the “A1” taken as the acronym; serves to spur consumers to take the first step (i.e.action first ) to try our products. The concept has definitely worked. Our business structures expanded and developed throughout the years.

As an ISO 22000 : 2005 and Halal certified food manufacturer, we are not just serving local customers but even export our mouthwatering curry paste overseas to South East Asia, Australia, China, the UK and US.

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are also exported internationally to countries
including Australia, China, the UK and US.