Action One New Packaging Benefits

  • Prolong Shelf Life
  • Aroma – Protection
  • More Proving For Leaking
  • More Presentable And Attractive
  • Able To Withstand Direct Sunlight
  • Wisely Recycle And Better Green Environment

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About Us

We are Action One, the Original A1 curry paste maker in Malaysia. Ever flourished since 1989, we are the first in Malaysia who use “A1” as our brand logo before anyone else. Even with great effort, we are still facing challenges to register our A1 Trademark due to the over movies online! flooding imitated product saturated in the market. Therefore we would like to clarify that those products bear no relation to our organization and they have certainly caused misleading and frequently confused our customers. Bear us in your mind, we are Action One, the Original A1 paste maker in Malaysia.

Our Products

Authentic taste with traditional ingredients that make our paste to indulge you with the fascinating aroma and magnificent taste.
Try the Original A1 Action One paste, and you will know we stay great since 1989.






Action One was founded in 1989, and we have always placed an emphasis on high quality as well as product uniqueness. We are the first Malaysian company to feature the letter “A1” as the logo for our product line in order to encourage consumers to take the first step and test our products. In addition, we are a HALAL-certified food company that sells our delectable curry paste to South East Asia, Australia, China, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

How is curry paste different from curry powder?

The primary distinction between curry powder and curry paste is that curry powder is a dry ingredient that requires the addition of oil and water, whereas curry paste is a wet concentrated component that must be diluted during the cooking process. We are delighted to be the manufacturer of the best curry paste Malaysia, utilizing only natural ingredients to provide the most genuine taste of Indian curry.

How many curry paste flavors do you have?

We make curry paste in a variety of flavors, including chicken or meat curry, fish or seafood curry, Indian seafood curry, and salted fish and cockles curry. Instant fish curry paste Malaysia is our best selling. This is due to the fact that our instant fish curry paste Malaysia is created with top-grade and high-quality ingredients that have been pre-packaged in a way that allows the consumer to effortlessly cook it. The spicy sauce pairs nicely with fish or other sorts of seafood and go well with rice.

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